Audio/Video Services

Audio/Video Services – We Produce, Edit And Restore Video And Audio Information!

Do you need some of your video recorded onto DVD? Does some of your video needs conversion from analog to digital? Does some of your video needs retouching? Do you want to restore an old cassette that is of particular importance to you? – Audio/Video Services can do it and a lot more for you. We can restore old video and audio recordings, edit together video and audio, produce necessary video and audio files for you. We can also help you with voiceover, video testimonial production and tutoring (via Skype).

Audio Editing And Restoration Services

One of our most sought for services is to clean up audio on home-made movies, unwanted hiss and background noise removal. We have equipment and knowledge to edit your audio files so to bring down the background noise and make every sound nice and clean. Also, we can bring selected sounds to the foreground and bring presence to the audio track. On top of that, Audio/Video Services can resync your audio and video and deliver a finished file in the most convenient format.

Video Editing And Restoration Services

Do you want some of your home-made movies edited together? Maybe, you need some video testimonial that would help to sell your products and services more efficiently? Perhaps footage you shot is of special importance to you, but its quality is very poor? Audio/Video Services can help! File conversion from analog source to digital will take a little longer, because you will have to send the source tape to us and that will take time, but it is worth the wait, because we will do a marvelous job for you. All other services like voiceover, video editing, noise reduction, video testimonial or video production will take a lot less time and will cost you less than with other similar services, so turn to Audio/Video Services and we will take care of your information!