Audio/Video Services Provides Voiceover Services

Audio/Video Services provides top notch voiceover services at reasonable prices. Whether it is a commercial for a radio station or a TV channel, a corporate video, E-Learning or a training DVD, Audio/Video Services provide genuine voiceovers at competitive rates. We record “on-hold” and IVR voiceover prompts for client’s telephone answering system in case you want it to sound professional. We can also provide you with a choice of on-hold music and can mix the final product.

Reasons To Turn To Audio/Video Services

Audio/Video Services writes, produces and records voiceovers for news, sports, finance and weather services, so you can be certain that we will provide you with a great voiceover that will suit your needs. Our audio recording studio can be hired and is suitable for ISDN sessions, Voice-to-Picture sessions, recording voiceover artists, podcast production, voiceover showreel production, recording telephone interviews and live radio interviews.

Additional Audio/Video Services

Audio/Video Services can record voice-to-picture sessions, voiceover sessions, interviews with the interviewee on the telephone or at the studio. We can produce a voiceover session from the production booth, etc. Another service that we offer is voice training. If you need assistance with public speaking or if you want to become a voiceover artist, or a radio or TV presenter, Audio/Video Services can help. We offer in-person voice coaching sessions to improve your performance and get your career on the right track. Our Professional voiceover artists and sound editors will teach you how to get the best out of your voice for people to listen to you. If you need some additional information on Audio/Video Services, please feel free to contact us and our customer service representative will happily provide you with satisfactory answers. If you want the best – turn to Audio/Video Services and you will get the best!